Today and every day – I will let nothing keep me from becoming the best person I can be!   In this Journey in life I have come to believe that how we look and think about every little thing will determine how our life unfolds!   We can be positive or negative – loving or fearing and those perceptions / thoughts will impact our life accordingly.

Must Love Journey is all about just taking a step – an action to look into your heart and soul and find the pieces of the puzzle that will truly complete your life puzzle !  It is about a willingness to find happiness, joy, gratitude and peace in each and every minute.   It is about discarding the pieces that don’t fit in your puzzle – the ones like fear, worry, doubt and frustration that are keeping you from living your best life.

Remember – you are perfect the way you are today.  However, as we live each day -people, events and circumstances come into our life to guide us to become our Best ! It is it is our responsibility to look deep inside of ourself and know that what is unfolding is God’s way of evolving us to become our Highest Self!

Here is wonderful quote to ponder –

‎”Because of my commitment to my own growth… my life continues to exceed my wildest dreams.”  – Courage to Change

<3 and Gratitude,   Jen

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  1. Jodi @ Heal Now and Forever October 9, 2012 at 4:39 pm Permalink

    Way to be bold, Jen, I love it!

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