Sorry – it has been a while since my last blog post – almost a year !  BUT –

Today is a new day and I am going to SEIZE IT !

I feel the main reason for the MLJ BLOG is to encourage each and every person to take some action on becoming the best they can be !   I saw this quote on FB from Joel Osteen Ministries:

“Most people just need a little push, a little encouragement
to become what God has created them to be. Be a people builder.”

This quote captures the essence of what I believe my purpose here is all about – PEOPLE BUILDING !  It jumped off the screen to me today and I knew I had my topic for my re-entry to the MLJ Blog.

When I decided to start MLJ – I did not know exactly how it would evolve; but I was compelled to figure out a way to encourage people to :  TAKE THE JOURNEY INTO THEIR HEART AND SOUL – AND BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE!

I have this great logo / symbol that makes me giddy just looking at it.  It gives me inspiration to take the JOURNEY into myself  – and find a way to live the life that I was born to !

I believe that all our life events bring us to today!  After so many years in Corporate America – I realized all the sales and marketing training was just to educate me to my new journey – people building.   Cause I really really like “pushing” people to take some action to love themselves !  LOL !  So get ready – we are going to Seize Each Day !

In my Journey, I realized that a shift in your life can happen if you go within – slow your life down and begin to see each moment of the day as a blessing! Don’t worry so much about yesterday or tomorrow – take the time to look around you and be grateful for your health, family, friends, birds singing, dog barking, and of course – football season 🙂

Because it is the little things that make our life what it is – not the major ones.   Start realizing the gifts in the little things and I promise your Journey into your heart will begin !

Love and Gratitude, Jen

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