The Must Love Journey Begins !

Welcome to Must Love Journey!

I am very excited to have each and every one of you here on the MLJ BLOG!

The postings on this site will embrace stories bringing to light insights that will encourage each of you to search and find the pieces of your  own life puzzle!   Because as we are OPEN to find the pieces – we will awaken our hearts – dissolve fears and hurts and create laughter and sunshine into our life.

On my Journey – I have found pieces of the puzzle that have allowed me – forgiveness, gratitude, and enlightenment.  But more importantly, I have discarded pieces – control, worry, and doubt, which were weighing me down and not a fit!

To me – it truly is all about having a willingness to go within oneself and face the lessons that God has for your Journey so that you can become the person HE has intended you to be.

Here on the MLJ website – I aim to provide — resources that will help with finding the pieces, postings on experiences/insights, and the ability to share the Must Love Journey logo whether it be apparel or badges or other things to come.

For it is my dream / aspiration for the MLJ logo to become the symbol for Self Love and Self Discovery!!

When you look at the MUST LOVE symbol – FEEL the love and joy knowing that you are perfect just the way you are!    Let it create a shift in your emotional state, which will allow you to honor, love and cherish yourself.  Take the Journey into your Heart and Soul and Love YOURSELF !

AT the end of each posting – there is a place for comments to aspire each of us to share our Journey with each other for it is in the sharing that we form a community focused on Self Love.  Let’s embrace who WE are and allow ourselves to Love and Be Loved !

Love and Gratitude – Jen

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