Wake Up to Your Higher Power Everyday !


Throughout my life, I have always believed in a Higher Power.  As a child, I went to Sunday school, got baptized young and then in my 20s – went through confirmation to join the Episcopal Church. As I got older I went to church sporadically, but I always felt that I was a believer.  However, It wasn’t until the last couple of years – that I really opened my heart and soul to God.

See if any of these resonates with you –

  • Do you live each day going through the motions, not really in the present?
  • Do you feel you are living your best YOU?
  • Can you wake to your life without a life-altering event?

I think most of us would answer these questions – NO!

For me, I had been living my life happily going along without much thought of “my life”.  It wasn’t until I had a reason to wake up – that I roused to the knowing of being still and a willingness to go within and acknowledge all my life had to offer. I began to live a life of purpose and truly embrace my God.

So my advice to all is – don’t let a day go by without acknowledging your Higher Power and being grateful for your life.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the goings on of life, but you must take a moment to be grateful and thankful for your blessings.

Today, a great passage appeared in one of my daily reads – enjoy !

“And although the believer may be busy with the ordinary things of life, he can be mindful that every detail of his life is touched by the character of God’s presence, and can have the awareness of His approval and blessing.”

Excerpt from October 31st reading from Streams in the Desert.

Love and Gratitude,  Jen

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