What is True Wisdom?

True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us. 

 – Socrates

This quote pretty much sums up how my Journey started.   As I have stated before, I lost several things at the end of 2010 – my job, my parent, and my relationship.  I wondered why these things happened; they caused me to stop and think about my life.   These events did give me a purpose to go within – that is when I realized how little I knew about my life and myself.

The main thing I realized was how I had been living my life up until these events.   I thought I had a good life … I mean good job – the love of my life – loved ones in my life.    But actually I was just surviving life…. all the days just blurred by me.   My life had gotten so hectic and rushed that I had lost touch with ME but more importantly with my Higher Power.

The ability to slow my life down allowed me to open my heart to hear the whispers from God – I became aware of my surroundings – people, places, and things and understood we are all here for a purpose.

Sometimes we wake up to ourselves early in life and on our own; but most often our wake up call is delivered via events: either way if we listen – we recognize that each day gives us the opportunity to live the life we are meant to live.

I believe my purpose is to encourage people to take some action into their heart and soul each day to love themselves and to find the “true wisdom” for their life.

My “true wisdom” is trusting that life is unfolding as it should and the more I have FAITH in GOD, the easier will be my journey.

What is your TRUE WISDOM?

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