Multi-color Gemstones 3-Wrap Bracelet w/Signature Clasp



Inspirational Bracelet

This Must Love Journey 3-wrap camel leather bracelet is made of various colored semiprecious gemstones that will entice you to take the Journey to Be the Best You Can Be !

The different color beads symbolize great energy for the Journey:

  • Orange:  Creativity and change, endurance, vitality and enthusiasm.  Orange stones increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • Red:  Energy, bold action,courage, and vitality, Bold and dynamic, confident and in control, willing to take risks.
  • Yellow:  Action, joy and intellectual energy, personal power and fulfillment, abundance, courage and self-confidence
  • Green:  Healing, harmony, growth and balance
  • Black:  Protection, confidence, self-control, resilience protection, and stability. Black denotes strength and authority.
  • White:  Inspiration, peace, protection, cleanliness, and kindness. Also can represent a new start in life.
  • Ukakind:  A gentle, calm, balancing energy that encourages you to love yourself.  Helps to bring attention into the ‘present’. Provides gentle release of limiting blocks and conditions to personal growth.

This unique wrap features 6mm  beads and the Must Love Journey symbol as an antique silver metal button closure. The wraps have multiple button loops for adjustable closure. Once you determine your fit – trim off the extra leather. The MLJ bracelet fits both men and women.

Each bracelet comes gift packaged and ready to give in a stunning organza bag with the Must Love Journey creed to Love Yourself !


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