The MLJ Story

The MLJ Story
We all have stories! Stories that have resulted from going through a life-changing event where we question what our life is all about.  Mine is a story of a JOURNEY into my Heart and Soul!

My life changed in 2010 when I lost my job after 27 years, a parent’s death and my relationship ended all within 3 months.  All I could do was get down on my knees and ask God to wake me up to what he intended for my life.  And HE did !

What I discovered – was a willingness to go within myself – to slow down my hectic life and find a stillness, which allowed me to hear the whispers of my Heart!

I was led to two sources, which impacted how I want to live my life.

I came across the book – Change Your Mind and Your Life will Follow by Karen Casey.  Ms. Casey’s words revealed to me that each and every day we can make changes in our thoughts and actions that can change our life for the better.  The messages of the book were life changing –

  • You cannot change a person or often a situation; but you can change how you react and think about it – you can change your thoughts and live in the present moment
  • The belief we can only be responsible for/control ourselves – not others
  • Our life has a divine path with lessons to learn and they will reappear until we learn them

Secondly, I saw Joel Osteen’s sermon – Bloom Where You Grow!  and I woke up to see how if we open our hearts to those around us, to heal ourselves and each other by changing how we respond in every interaction – we can live a peaceful, meaningful life.  But more importantly these words reinforced the message that God had me right where I was suppose to be – and I must TRUST that my life was unfolding as it should  – that every experience and encounter, whether positive or negative was a lesson to learn.

I recognized “our life is like a jigsaw puzzle”.  In life, we will have events, happenings, emotions, and thoughts that are all pieces of our puzzle.  Each and every day we have the opportunity to find the pieces that will make our puzzle – to keep the ones that “fit” and “discard” the ones that don’t and stay open to the pieces that we do not have yet.

By opening our Heart to be who God intended us to be – we are free to build the puzzle with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, peace, self-acceptance, gratitude, joy and healing AND release the ones that continue to bring fear, doubt, despair and worry into our lives.  We can recognize the events of our life are unfolding as new pieces of the puzzle and have faith that we are exactly where we are suppose to be at this point in our life.

With that belief and conviction – Must Love Journey was launched!

So just what is Must Love Journey?

It is about taking a Journey into your Heart and Soul – to LOVE YOURSELF and to BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

It is about a magnetic symbol that will entice you to take the journey… for it is all about a willingness to take action into your Heart and Soul.  The Must Love Journey symbol embodies the pride and honor that you can take each and every day to live the life that God intended for you.  When you look at the MLJ symbol – FEEL the love and joy knowing that you are perfect just the way you are!

Let it create a shift in your emotional state to love and cherish yourself – a “mindset” of faith, happiness, and gratitude that you are ready for the Journey and you can do it…


 <3 and Gratitude,  Jen

The more you truly show up for life — not hanging back but really investing yourself heart and soul — the more life will show up for you.

Marianne Williamson 

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